If you have met me in any way, you’ll know that integrity is important to me – it is high on my list of Heidi-Values. You may also know that I have an online NLP training program at AnywhereNLP.com. For some people, this is a bit controversial – if they don’t look into it.

While NLP is highly unregulated, there is one common understanding, NLP Certification cannot be offered online as it requires hands on practice, feedback, group interaction and live facilitation. My program with Anywhere NLP is not a Practitioner Certification course – I put the program together a few years ago as one of my intentions is to share NLP with as many people around the globe as possible.

Yesterday I received a fairly scathing email about the program and I would like to share this email with you and my response. I am sharing this because it did three things for me – 1) it made me step back and look at the program again from an integrity standpoint and 2) it made me proud of the woman who sent it to me – I wholeheartedly applaud her for standing up for NLP (although a little pre-research may have done her well) and 3) it made me remember how very proud I am of the AnywhereNLP.com program.

Here is the email I received – all personal information has been removed.


And my response:

From: Heidi Heron
Sent: Saturday, 26 March 2016 3:12 PM
To: xxxxxx@xxxx.com.nz
Subject: Re: [Learn NLP Online] – 3 month program starts Monday!

Hi Rosie,

Thanks so much for your email and your great concern about the field of NLP!

Have you had a look at the course I’m running? Perhaps your concern is about certifying people online? If so, I have this same concern. The Anywhere NLP program isn’t a certification course – but it does cover the content in Prac for everyone to learn it. I’ve been running this online training for 3 years and the feedback is great.

People who can’t get to a certification course because of location or time, people who can’t afford certification training and people who are just getting to know NLP are really appreciating the level of quality training and integrity the program provides. After the program I’ve found that many people go on to find local NLP trainers to do their certification training with. And others don’t want to be certified, but they are using their NLP skills to communicate with others better, be better parents and attain their own goals and life objectives easier.  I personally think this is a win!

Quite a few people who are already trained in NLP (such as yourself) have also greatly benefited from the program as a refresher and different view of NLP.

I’m glad that folks like you are out there with opinion such as this – and if you look further into the course and into myself you will set this is a great program run with integrity.

Personally, I’ve been in the field of NLP since 1997, I am the chairperson of the Australian Board of NLP and a member of the NLP Leadership Summit. In fact, I was a key note speaker a few years ago with the NZ NLP Association. I train and coach full time with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, the U.S. And UK. Please feel free to find out more about me on my websites – integrity is my highest value. One of my intentions for my NLP skills is to share NLP with as many people as possible around the world. As a Master Practitioner, I’m sure you would agree that this can only be a good thing – there are so many benefits to people learning NLP.

I am extremely proud of the Anywhere NLP program. The content is excellent and I am helping many people around the world learn NLP when they may not be able to in a live training. If I could provide the program for free I would! But it does cost to run and maintain. And, just as I’m sure you paid for your NLP Prac and Master Prac, I believe there is value in this exceptional program.

I’m sure after further investigation you would also be proud of this program.

Thanks again for your concern, or demonstrates passion for NLP.

Please do touch base again if I can assist further.

Best regards and Happy Easter!


Readers – I’m curious what are your views of online training in NLP?