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Coaching & Therapy

Are you looking to fast track your goals, disrupt your current behaviours, challenge beliefs, get out of your way and start living life on your terms?

Training, Consulting & Speaking

Are you seeking a dynamic resource for your business to help your team or organisation reach new levels of awareness, growth or understanding?

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

With the aim o f assisting people to reach their full potential and live the life they want to live, I have been providing Coaching and Therapy services since 2000. Utilising the modalities of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Meta Coaching and Hypnotherapy  I assist individuals, couples, families, teams and groups create their lives, businesses, careers, health and relationships to be what they truly desire.

Improve your confidence, self-belief and self-esteem

Clear unconscious blocks and limitations that have held you back

Access and build resources to achieve and maintain your desired results

Step into and live from an authentic, balanced and wholeness within yourself

Find out what is important to you and how to achieve it

Learn more about your triggers and your true desired state

Say goodbye to emotions, beliefs, behaviours and thoughts that don't serve you

NLP Coaching & Therapy

Work one-on-one with Dr. Heidi to move closer to your goals, clear blocks and barriers and set yourself up for success.

NLP Certification Training

Take your own evolution to the next level by learning the skills of NLP for your own personal and professional development. 

Speaking Engagements

Engage Dr. Heidi for your next event. She provides anything from keynote addresses to corporate training programs. 

Training & Consulting

Bring a neuro science awareness to your company with consulting and training  and possibly find a new way.

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

With respectful and caring attention, Dr. Heidi will support your desire to heal and to experience life as a whole, effective, and peaceful human being.  Whether you want to start or grow your business, transform painful memories, let go of rejection, heal from past trauma, or simply feel stronger and better about yourself  Dr. Heidi is here to help. With many years of experience, and various areas of expertise, we can assist you to re-shape and re-focus your attention, and to begin moving effectively toward the life you want to live.

Human beings tend to spend a great deal of energy and attention on either regret about the past, or anticipation of the future.  Neither of these allows the individual to feel truly alive.   The past is gone, no longer exists, and the future doesn’t yet exist.  So, if your focus is on either of these, you are pouring energy into things that aren’t real. The present moment is all you have; learning to live fully in each moment allows you to let go of everything else that would deplete you of the energy and focus you need to live a rich, full life.

What can NLP Coaching help me with?

NLP Coaching can help you with: 

  • Identifying and changing blocks that hold you back 
  • Improving self esteem and self worth
  • Increasing confidence
  • Overcoming past trauma
  • Clearing fears and phobias
  • Releasing panic and anxiety
  • Overcoming depression and stuckness
  • Changing unwanted behaviours and habits
  • Eliminating unuseful patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour
  • Finding your purpose and a pathway to get there
  • Boost your personal success to do even better. 
What is the difference between Coaching & Therapy?

Ultimately, not much. We define Coaching as a goal based outcome and Therapy as an interference clearing outcome. Regardless, Dr. Heidi will be using the modality of NLP with you, and this is one of the best tools for her to understand what your goal is specifically and what holds you back from achieving it. She will then spend time with you to clear the interferences and build resources that will assist you to achieve your desires. More and more, people are seeking a Coach, and there are blocks and limits holding them back. So, if you are after Coaching or Therapy – or a combination of both, you are in good hands. 

I've been to counsellors, coaches and therapists before - why will this be different.

The simple answer – Dr. Heidi. Since 2000, she has been helping people and has a special knack for understanding and getting to the root cause of almost anything. With a background in Clinical Psychology, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills. Additionally, she is an International NLP Master Trainer, Master Certified Coach with the ICF, Clinical Supervisor and is currently ranked as the worlds #17 Coach and #5 NLP Professional by Global Guru’s. 

What is NLP and how does it work?

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is Dr. Heidi’s tool to help understand how the language of your mind has created the patterns you run in life. We all have patterns of emotions, behaviours, beliefs and thoughts – with this understanding, she will help you to address any interferences or blocks that keep unresourceful patterns in play, while building needed resources which will assist you to achieve your goals, desires and ways of being you. 

Some of the tools are simply conversational, how she asks questions and responds to what you say. Sometimes, she will use close-eyed visualisation type techniques that are designed to challenge, reframe, change and restore unconscious patterns. 


How long will I need to work with Dr. Heidi?

Usually Dr. Heidi works with people for 2-8 one-hour sessions – either weekly or fortnightly. She works with people in her Sydney office as well as online (Zoom) or phone. So, no matter where you are, there is an opportunity to work with Heidi. We also have coaching packages available. 

Can I get medicare or health insurance rebates?

Generally, no. Coaching is not a recognised modality with most insurance comapnies and Dr. Heidi is not registered for Medicare rebates. 

What is the cost to work with Dr. Heidi?

For personal coaching & therapy, her rate is $350AUD per one-hour session, she also offers discounted Coaching Packages.

Please contact her directly for corporate coaching, training and speaking. 

How do I schedule an appointment with Dr. Heidi?

To schedule an appointment, simply use the online calendar below or call our Sydney office on +61 2 9264 4357. Please note, due to demand, there is often a waiting time of a few weeks. 

Appointments are available with Dr. Heidi online (using Zoom) or on the telephone.

Individual sessions and packages are available
Learn more about our Coaching Packages


Sydney Office Location

12/85 Bourke Road
Alexandria NSW 

Nearest Train: Mascot


+61 2 8001 6203

About Me

Hi, I’m Dr. Heidi Heron. I am Australian-American, living in Sydney Australia. Since 2000,  I have been working as an NLP Trainer and Coach. I have the honour of training NLP globally, I am a leader, business owner, helper, trainer, developer, and learner. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, doing yoga, and keeping my mind sharp. I have a passion for living authentically and walking my talk, as much as I can. I am only human, right?

I hold my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation, a Level 4 Counselor with the Australian Counselors Association, a Clinical Supervisor, a Clinical Professional and Trainer Member with the Australian Board of NLP and currently ranked by Global Gurus as the #5 NLP Professional and #17 Coach in the world. Finally, I am a professional speaker, accomplished in front of small and large groups. most recently, I have been competing in an International Speaking Competition, winning 5 awards for my efforts.

2019 International Speech Competition – 2nd Place

2019 International Speech Competition
2nd Place

Online Coaching Resources

Map of Life

Take a quick look at where your life is from various aspects and start to pinpoint what improvements you can make with this free tool.

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Goal Setting Essentials

Download your NLP Goal Setting worksheet so you can get a jump start on creating your plan to work on in a coaching session.

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Online Build Personal Power

Join Dr. Heidi for a journey into developing your personal power with guided processes, learnings and more.

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Speaking, Training & Consulting for your Team or  Organisation

As a powerful communicator, Dr. Heidi shares her expertise, experience and skills by way of presenting. She specialises in motivation, communication, leadership, change, sales and personal empowerment. With a leading edge of positive psychology, NLP and corporate coaching – your audience will be educated, inspired, motivated and entertained.

If you are looking for a trainer, speaker or keynote facilitator for your next event, Dr. Heidi is who you are looking for. She can provide you with a program for 45 minutes up to 8 hours or more of dynamic content for your meeting, event, training or conference.

She is available globally – having presented to companies and groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, Malaysia, London, Edinburgh, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Rio, Los Angeles and Denver, Dr. Heron is well versed in multi-cultural communication and diversity.

Keynote Presentations (45 Minutes - 2 hours)

Topics include:

  • Its not We, its Me
  • What is important to you
  • Explaining the WHY
  • Putting on Your Leadership Cloak
  • Change Leadership
  • Creating Resilience 
  • Foundational Flexibility 
Half Day Training/Workshops (2-4 hours)

Topics include:

  • Meet Your Amazing Mind
  • Unleashing Communication Excellence
  • From Fright to Flight
  • The Art of Non-Verbal Communication
  • NLP Power Session
  • Align Your Values
  • NLP for Leadership
Full Day Training/Workshops (8 hour)

Topics include:

  • Discover NLP
  • Unleashing Communication Excellence
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Release and Attract
  • Employee & Team Empowerment
Multiple Day Training/Workshops (2-7 days)

Topics include:

  • Communication Essentials
  • Sales with NLP
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Coaching for HR Professionals
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speak Easy

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