Coaching Packages

Momentum and Maintenence

Stay on top of your life and your progress

One-on-one coaching packages with Dr. Heidi

Create momentum, accountability, maintenence and long term success

In addition to adhoc coaching sessions, Dr. Heidi offers a few packages to her estabilished clients to help them continue their personal growth, clear blocks and stay accountable to their goals and outcomes. 

Coaching Programs Avaliable

The following programs are available only to established clients, a first client history appointment is required to learn more about you and see if one of these programs will be suitable to you.  If you are interested in taking up any package, please contact us directly for a link.

3-Month Strategy Coaching

Meet with me each month for one 1-hour session plus two 30-minute sessions for three months. This will allow you to create momentum, action and change on your goals and outcomes in a consistent manner.  

Package cost: $600/month for 3 months (total $1800)

Monthly Maintence Coaching

Stay on top of your personal growth all year long with one Express Coaching 30-minute session per month. 

Package cost: $150/month for 12 months (total $1800)

Bi-Monthly Maintence Coaching

Keep the momentum going with in-depth 60-minute coaching session every two months for a year (6 sessions total). 

Package cost: $300/every 6 weeks (total $1800)

Quarterly Maintence Coaching

Keep yourself in the drivers seat with quarterly 60-minute sessions to explore your goals, clear interferences and stay on track. 

Package cost: $300/every 3 months (total $1200)

    How about an audio between sessions?

    I have put together a variety of online audio programs to assist you between sessions to keep the motivation going, build resources and stay accountable to yourself.

    Have you ever thought about learning NLP?

    Did you know I also train NLP? If you’re interested in learn more about the tools I use with my clients, grab the
    You Must Learn NLP  book now. Its free!


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