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Assume Positive Intention

When was the last time you had a bad behaviour? Let’s face it, we have them daily. Even a negative thought could be thought of as a negative behaviour. I’ll be honest here – I would love to be an undercover traffic cop sometimes. I’d love to give tickets out to people driving recklessly. Excessive speeding, tailgating, not using turning indicators… I’d be very good at it. And, it would give me a lot of ‘feel good’. My behaviour – judging other people’s behaviour in their cars as right or wrong, is this good behaviour? Not really. In fact, I’d put it down as a ‘bad’ behaviour. It’s not up to me to decide who should get tickets, how people should drive, what driving behaviours people should have.

Key word here: should. (more…)

Me, Myself & I

How much time do you spend with yourself, or on yourself or about yourself? Too much? Not enough? Just the right amount? No – this isn’t Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, but we can learn something from that golden girl. She choose what was best for her.

In my coaching practice I often meet people who put very little priority on themselves and their own happiness. Most of their waking time is spent thinking about other people, their needs, wants and desires. They are not coming to see me to get help with that, directly. In fact, most of the time they don’t even realise that they are putting themselves last on the list. What they walk into my office for is usually something like “I’m stuck in my life”, or “I’m unhappy” or “I want to find my purpose”… something along those lines. Yet, what comes out loud and clear is a need for external validation and an internal emptiness. (more…)