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The Champion’s Creed

As the New Year approaches, I want to share something with you – it is one of my favourite things. The Champions Creed. This is not only good at the beginning of the year, it is always useful. And it is useful for everyone. When you can, read this out loud for yourself. Then, share it with everyone you know!

I share this with you in good spirits hoping that its words will touch you in your life as much as they touch me in mine. May your 2011 be filled with good humour, integrity, health, love and an abundance of joy and happiness.

The Champions Creed

I am a champion. My life reflects success. I now know that the intelligence of the Universe belongs to me. Yes! I am a champion. I am profiled to win and my winning takes place graciously without struggle or strain. I do not have to beg, bargain or coerce the Universe. Why? I am a champion.

I’m OK

“In spirit there is no competition, only completion.”

How often do you stop and take a look at your life? I mean really look at life? It seems that so much of the time people are already thinking about the next thing they will do, or where they will go, or what is next on the ‘list’. To me, it is even interesting to listen to the language people use. Here is a normal everyday type of conversation:

  • Person 1: How are you today?
  • Person 2: I’m OK.

OK? Just OK? You are in the arms of the universe with so much beauty and powerfulness in your life and you’re just OK?  I’m mean really? (more…)

Contracting for Behaviour

A few posts ago I shared some Heidvice for parents of young children. I’ve been asked by many parents for some suggestions for older kids and teenagers. Or, for the child that loves writing so much that she was asking her mum what she had to do to get the writing task (thanks for sharing that one Julie!)

According to Morris Massey, when kids are 8-13 they are in the modelling phase of growth and 14-21 the socialisation phase. In both of these development stages kids are learning responsibility and personal boundaries. The following parenting technique is great for kids who have the ability to know right from wrong and think about their consequences – with their parents help of course. We know from brain research that the pre-frontal cortex isn’t fully developed until the age of 19-21 and this part of the brain is responsible for judgement and decisions. Off the cuff a teenager or tween is making a decision based on right here and right now. However, with guidance (and after all, guidance is what a parent gives) they can and will be more conscious in their thinking abilities.

This task is very useful in teaching a few things:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Accountability
  3. Trust – your trust of your child and probably more importantly, their trust in themselves. (more…)