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But That’s Not Like Me!

I was chatting to a friend the other day who proclaims that she is the ‘everything to everyone’ person at work – and frankly, she’s tired of it. Who can blame her? Well, actually… after years and years of being this ‘go-to’ person, years of being everything to everyone, years of knowing everything, doing a great job, being counted on, being counted for, being accountable for well, most likely everything she decided she was accountable for – we can actually blame  her. (more…)

This is It

This is It

In July while I was in the USA I was privileged enough to attend two days of SuperCamp at Colorado College. In 2012 (Australian summer) we will be bringing SuperCamp to Sydney for 14-18 year olds to attend. It is an amazing 10 day journey of personal and academic growth. A wonderful gift for the next generation!

The reason I bring up SuperCamp is to share one of their Keys. During the 10 days they visit 8 Keys (we would call them Presuppositions in NLP land). One of their keys is THIS IS IT. Along with the ‘key’ of the day is a 20 minute key-note presentation and then group discussions about what it means. I was in awe and amazed at the meanings these kids got from the message. I think that from time to time adults forget about this. I know that in past posts I’ve written about the importance of knowing where you are going – perhaps not enough emphasis has been given to the Now. (more…)