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Today is day number 1 of my blog. I am excited about the road ahead. I have many ideas swimming in my mind at the moment, and I will do my best to retrain from writing it all now.

To me, this online adventure is about sharing the passion, commitment, authenticity and drive that I, and so many others, have for NLP. I hope to connect many people – NLP trained and not, and unite us in a common language. The language of NLP – not in a pedantic kind of way where someone is pointing out a language omission, but rather, the language that we all have which tells us that anything is possible. The language that tells us that if we know better we can do better. The language that tells us if we are being tripped up or if we feel stuck – then it is up to us to do something about that.

NLP is about modelling. Modelling excellence – I hope that you (the readers of this blog) can begin to create a new community for everyone to learn and model from. Each of us is excellent in our own way. Maybe NLP makes us even more excellent, maybe we just have ‘names’ for our types of excellence.

Those of you that know me, know that I’m real. Well, that is my aim anyway. If you don’t yet know me – here’s something to know about me. I like to keep it real. As much as possible, I walk my talk. I live a pretty congruent life – and I live at cause for what is happening (or not) in my life. I’m very happy to be the model for many people.

Here is my challenge for you: Live your life from your heart. Live your life without caring what others will think. Live your life as you – for you – authentically.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all did this?

I’ll be updating this blog once per week. More if something very exciting is happening. Either join the blog to get updates, bookmark the site or simply remember to come back every now and then to be a part of this wonderful community of authentic NLPers.  Be sure to leave comments, join in on discussions and get involved!