Our life is controlled by our unconscious programming – and sometimes we only do the best we can based on the worst of our programming. When you notice yourself stuck in a loop, at effect of something in life, playing the blame game or just not heading in the direction you want this is a perfect time to stop and use the 3 A’s to self-coaching.

The three A’s are as follows: awareness, acceptance and action.

When we get stuck in a loop or unwanted pattern, the very first step to getting out of it is to be aware that we are there in the first place. For me, I become aware of my stuck patterns because of a bodily sense of incongruence. I get a headache, overly sleepy, my back or neck starts aching and I get grumpy, irritable and short tempered. These are my ‘warning bells’ that I’m in effect and that I’ve stepped out of the drivers seat and am now in effect of life.

Until I notice this, I can’t do anything about it except put my metaphorical seatbelt on and go for a ride.

When I do notice it, the first step to get back to Cause is to be aware of where you are. Emotionally, mentally and physically. When you are aware of what is going on with you – this allows you to notice if it is aligned with what you want or not. Remember that quote by Jung – until you make the unconscious conscious, it will control you and you will call it fate. Once you are aware of your state, your mood, your actions, your behaviours and emotions you can start to become aware of the choices you have in front of you too.

For now, I invite you to start being more aware. In NLP we call this sensory acuity – the ability to see, hear and feel more acutely.  A lot of times this tool is only used with other people, but this is a wonderful tool to use with yourself. If you are not aware of what is happening with you – there is a great chance you cannot be sensory acute with others effectively!

In the next blog I’ll be talking about the next A…. Acceptance!