Ready, set…..

Stopping, starting, changing, going, not going, staying, not staying…. choices, choice, choices.

Nearly daily we have a choice to make – should I stay or should I go?

This might be about the gym, a relationship, a job, a bar, your house, your clothes – just about anything. So how do we make these decisions?

Some decisions seem like no brainers and they are pretty easy to make. Others sometimes feel like rocket science issues on steroids. Interestingly, from an NLP standpoint we want to actually know more about how you make the no brainer decisions. Because you have a strategy of some sort to make decisions – and when you know how you do the easier ones it makes making harder decisions easier!

OK – so where to start?

First – think about a no brainer decision you made. Remember, a decision isn’t a routine thing… “I decided to brush my teeth before I went to be because I always do it then”, isn’t a decision – its following a routine. “I decided to wear my blue dress last Friday because the sun was out and I feel good in it” – now that’s a decision! And, a simple decision. Not one that needs too much thought or contemplation. So, choose a no-brainer decision you’ve made recently… then figure out this stuff:

  1. Did you notice the detail or the big picture about the outcome?
  2. Did you take action right away or mull it over for a while?
  3. Did you decide based on just yourself or others?
  4. Did you have a feeling or just a thought?
  5. Did you have a back up plan?
  6. Did you think about your outcome and what you wanted or what you didn’t want?

Next – think of  a harder choice you have to make and use the same unconscious strategy that you used for the no-brainer. What decision do you come up with?

Some people might ask – is it OK to use my same strategy for choosing what to eat in the morning for choosing if I should leave my relationship? Remember this – the unconscious mind just processes information in a contextual way. It doesn’t process in a content or story way. So how you choose one thing simply can easily be a good way to choose something that has more to it.

I use this simple technique when I get stuck in decision mode. And, I trust what comes up. Sometimes the decision is to stay. Other times it is to go. But, I do know this – its easier when we keep it simple!