Living NLP 2024

A 10-Month Journey to Self Love

an integration program helping you to live through NLP

and for NLP to live through you 

Goal Setting

Create and work toward 2-3 Well Formed Outcomes. Get support, accountability and use your NLP tools to help maintain motivation and clear your pathway to success. 

Personal Coaching

Work with a dedicated Living NLP Life Coach every month for an hour.  Your coach will help direct your progress, facilitate NLP processes, and help you make your dreams a reality. 

NLP Skill Enhancement

Each month you will review a different NLP process and learn how to use it with yourself, we will explore various meta programs, elicit personal values, and step into new learnings. 


Connect with the Living NLP Community in our private Facebook Group and in two separate Group Calls. The first is a small accountability team facilitated by your coach and the second is a monthly Group call with Dr. Heidi.

A 10-Month Personal Coaching Journey to Self Love

Are you ready to get NLP into your life, achieve your goals, embrace self-love and live your best life? 

Dr. Heidi started the Living NLP program in 2019 in an effort to help participants to continue to learn, use, and embrace their NLP skills. In 2024 we begin the program again. Consistently our participants learn more about themselves, become more congruent, learn to use NLP in their daily life, align with their values and achieve their goals.

I hope you will join us on this 2024 Journey to Self-Love. 

What Is Living NLP?

A Journey of Self-Discovery

In Living NLP each month you will elicit values in a different area of life and assess what you can start, change, and continue to get your values met. You will be learning about yourself, your passions, desires, interests and goals, while in 2024 you will embark upon a journey of self-love.

A Focus on Your Personal Goals

At the beginning of your program you will create 2-3 Well Formed Outcomes, goals to work on during the year. Each week you will identify intentions and tasks to complete, and each month you will review your progress toward your goals with your coach and Success Circle.

A Personal Coaching Experience

You have the opportunity to work with a dedicated Living NLP Coach and also work one-on-one with Dr. Heidi if you choose. Your coaches will help you to get clear on your desires, identify any interferences holding you back, and help you to clear any blocks and build resources. Your coach will also be your sounding board, accountability partner, and support throughout the year. 

An Ongoing Education in NLP

Each month we will review an NLP process, explore values, expand your NLP knowledge and investigate different Meta Programs. This program will help you to keep your NLP skills and toolbox front of mind as you develop and grow personally and professionally. 

Living NLP 2024

Our theme in 2024 is A Journey of Self Love. To get there, all participants will receive:

  • 1 one-hour life coaching session with your dedicated NLP Coach
  • Monthly Success Circle Team Calls for Goal and Values Progress
  • Monthly NLP Process Review Sessions
  • Monthly Values Elicitation
  • Bi-Monthly Educational Sessions
  • Bi-Monthly Meta Program Exploration
  • Weekly Intention and Accountability Posts
  • Weekly Gratitude Reminders
  • Monthly Group Coaching with Dr. Heidi

Plus you have the option to add express coaching sessions with Dr. Heidi to use during the program.

How the Program Works

There are four main intentions for the Living NLP program:

1. Help you to get NLP into your muscle
2. Assist you in achieving your goals for the year 
3. Learn more about yourself using NLP 
4. Find and embrace self love 

The program will kick-start with an (optional) 2-hour group Zoom Call at the end of January. In this call, we will work in small groups and pairs to clarify your intentions, and annual goals, and start the momentum toward a successful 2024.  

In early 2024 you will receive your 2024 Living NLP Workbook (hard copy or electronic fillable) and you can start planning your goals with 2-3 Well Formed Outcomes. These will be goals you will desire to achieve in 2024 – your coach, coaching team and I will assist you to move toward these goals throughout the year.  

Each month there will be a variety of activities you can get involved in, all with the aim of helping your to live NLP


Weekly - Intentions & Tasks

On the Facebook group, you will be prompted each week to share your intention for the week and tasks that you’ll be completing to help move you toward the attainment of the WFO goals you set at the beginning of the year.


Monthly - Success Circle Calls

You will be part of a small team of 5-7 other participants, lead by your Coach. Each month you will meet for an hour to discuss your progress toward your goals, your values elicitation and assist each other toward excellence with your Living NLP experience.


Week 1 - Me, Myself & NLP

In the first week of the month we will explore a different NLP process so you can learn how to use NLP on yourself in your own life. This will be a short video delivered via the Facebook group or via email.


Week 2 - Values Elicitation

Each month you will elicit the values of an area of life and look at what you can continue/start/change to get your values met. Work with your coach or in your Success Circle to elicit and transform your values.


Week 3 - Meta Programs & Educationals

During this week we will explore a few Meta Programs within the workbook and in a live Zoom Call. The intention is for you to better understand your own unconscious programming and that of others with Meta Programs.


Week 4 - Group Coaching Calls

Each month two Zoom meetings will be organised for you to join Dr. Heidi to share your wins, challenges, and accomplishments during the month, gain more assistance and share your next steps toward your own personal program intentions.


If you are serious about NLP and using it for your own growth and accountability in achieving your goals, Living NLP is a perfect tool for using your NLP tools and testing them on a daily basis!


What I benefit most from Living NLP is the community and having a structure and system to practice NLP.


This is a great program to help you stay on course when life’s journey gets challenging. My coach stays focused on the outcomes at hand. She is kind, and supportive, and she is my cheerleader! ♥


This is the first time I have ever worked on my goals beyond New Years resolutions! Living NLP creates the space to transform your dreams and intentions making a path to reach them!

In addition to the above, you have a choice to have a personal NLP Coach and you can add in 1:1 sessions with Dr. Heidi.


Personal Coaching with a Living NLP Coach

Life is an ongoing evolvement and having a dedicated coach to help you through is important. A much loved part of this program is working with your own dedicated NLP Coach each month (total of 10 hours).

You can use hour 1-hour session per month to work toward your goals, build resources you need, clear any interferences standing in your way, celebrate your wins, stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, and have a partner in your corner motivating you all year long.


1:1 Coaching with Dr. Heidi

As you know, I love to help people, and have limited client time in my schedule. As such, you can choose to work with me each month as an accountability partner, to work through issues, check in on your goals, ask me questions, or simply just share the time with me.

You can choose to add 4 or 8 30-minute express sessions with me to use anytime between February and November 2023 at a discounted rate.

Meet Your Coaches

You have the opportunity, if you wish, to choose your Living NLP Coach. This will be the coach you work with once per month to build resources, clear interferences, bounce ideas off, explore your dreams, get clearer on your desires, and get support from. You can also ask us to pair you with a coach that we think will be most suitable to you, or you can opt to not work with a coach. Whatever works for you, works for us! 

Coach Ana Vikairo

In Ana’s 3rd year of Living NLP we welcome her to the Coaching Team. With a background in biology engineering and a holistic approach to life, Ana has been helping people to tap into their possibilities and create meaningful connections with themselves and the world ‘outside’ with NLP for the past 5 years.

Having worked for a number of companies during the past 20 years, in different countries and under different management and policies, I have gained extensive knowledge on the value of human resources and necessity on expanding employee’s potential.

For the past ten years she have been working closely with the hospitality industry helping restaurant groups build a hospitality-first culture for their employees and guests alike.

Her passion is to light on people’s potential and help them be fully seen and empowered.

(time zone: Sydney, Australia)

Coach Heather Doane

Heather started her NLP journey in 2014. This is her second year in Living NLP and we welcome her to the Coaching team in 2024. She brings a wealth of experience from the fields of education, business, sales, fitness and wellness. 

With 20+ years of experience in education, business and a consultative sales role, she has worked with C-suite Executives, business owners, developers, general contractors, city and state entities, medical facilities, utility companies, schools, and more.

Her experience has ranged from leading and training teams, sales, leadership, and education, to owning her own business, coaching and consulting work. She has experience in helping a variety of people and organizations grow through change.

Her formal education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Counseling from Boise State University, a Master’s in Health Education from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, as well as a Certificate in Negotiation and Leadership from Harvard University.

She is a certified through the ICF for coaching with an emphasis in executive coaching, Gallup-Strengths and NLP- (Nuero-Linguistic Programming) Last but not least, she is a 200-hour certified Yoga instructor. Her training was completed in the jungles of Costa Rica with continuing education from around the world. 

Through coaching and consulting work, she has helped individuals, businesses, schools, and private organizations harness their purpose to initiate long-term success and positively impact their lives, work environments, and communities.

Coaching is her lifelong passion and she finds working with clients to be a true joy.

(time zone: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Coach Matt Diaz

We welcome Matt to the Coaching team in 2024. He has been invovled in NLP since 2018, and is trained to NLP Trainer level. Matt is a caring, pragmatic, and sincere coach, entrepreneur, and mentor; always looking for options.

From Matt: “Your actions are speaking so loud, I can’t even hear what you are saying,” is something my mentor heard constantly from his mother growing up. And the same is true for us all. We may become accustomed to putting on a smile, showing our family, friends, and/or coworkers that we have our act together, while underneath there may be a feeling that something is not right. We may think that others cannot see what is really going on with us, but our presence is speaking loudly.

Matts approach is simple; he helps clients understand their current situation, what resources they have and need, the obstacles that get in their way, and where they ultimately want to be. Thus leaving clients with more wholeness and choice to show up aligned and authentic.

If you are ready to ‘do epic shit’, then Matt is the coach for you!

(time zone: Denver, Colorado, USA)

Coach Meenakshi Sarup

Meenakshi has been involved in NLP since 2010, and has trained up to NLP Trainer. This is her 5th year as a Living NLP coach, she will help clients to unlock their true potential by helping to create positive changes in mindset, behaviour, and skills. 

Meenakshi is a Certified NLP, EQ and DISC Coach who seamlessly integrates these modalities based on each client’s unique needs. As both a coach and trainer, she is focused on:

  • helping people develop leadership skills, especially communication skills
  • successfully achieve their performance goals
  • develop emotional intelligence, manage relationships and challenges and
  • seamlessly transition into new roles

By working closely with clients to effect positive changes in mindset, behaviors, and skills, Meenakshi helps them unlock their true potential. Drawing from her rich corporate experience spanning 12 years in HR, Training, and Quality Systems at global powerhouses like Oracle Corporation and TATA Power, she possesses a deep understanding of the challenges her clients face. This experience, along with her experiences with the organisations and industries that she has worked with as a trainer and coach over the next 12 years, enable her to have a grounded and practical perspective.

(time zone: Singapore)

Coach Miranda Kujisten

In Miranda’s 4th year of Living NLP we welcome her back again as a Coach. She has been involved in NLP since 2009, completing up to NLP Trainers Training. She enjoys guiding her coaches in their journey of reaching their goals, and unpacking what comes up along the way. 

She has a background in events management, real estate and administration. She has a drive for fun, loves dancing, swimming, travelling and learning. She is a member of the NLP Association of Australia Leadership Team, and has a strong desire to help people. Coaching is her lifelong passion and she finds working with clients to be a true joy. 

“Living NLP helped me to be accountable with what I want in my life, structuring my wants into a Well Formed Outcome and sharing the path and the changes along the way with everyone in the Living NLP group and accomplishing goals due participating in the program.”

(time zone: Sydney, Australia)

Coach Tabatha Kattau

This is Tabatha’s 5th year as a Living NLP Coach, her supportive nature, positive regard, and exceptional NLP skills set up a safe place for all clients. She is trained up to NLP Trainers Training and has a successful and thriving NLP therapy practice helping clients with a range of topics.

(time zone: Sydney, Australia)

Common Questions About Living NLP

To help you know if this program is for you, we’ve put together the most comonly asked questions. 

If you have additional questions, please ask!

Where and when does the program take place?

Mostly online. We will set up a private Facebook Group where we will start conversations, put up reminders, share videos, and stay connected. If you are not on Facebook, you will be sent some reminders – but may miss out on some of the community aspect of the program.

What are the time committments?

That is totally up to you. We have about 1 hour of personal work for you each week, plus whatever it takes for you to complete your tasks to turn your goals into reality. While there are approximately 5 hours of activities per month (weekly intentions, values exercise, 1-hour Team Call, 1-hour with your Coach, 1-hour of educational/meta program call, and 30-minute coaching with Dr. Heidi), you can choose to do as much or as little as you desire. 

What we recommend at a minimum is completing your weekly intentions, monthly values exercise (both can be on your own if you choose), and your personal coaching call. The rest is added bonuses! 

Who will my coach be?

In 2024 you will be able to choose your coach from our lineup of amazing coaches. If you are not sure who you want to be your coach, you can let us decide!  

How will I schedule my coaching sessions?

Before the program starts in February, your Coach will be in touch with a specific link you can use to schedule your coaching sessions. If you opt for coaching sessions with Dr. Heidi, you will also receive a specific link to schedule these calls.

Can I use my coaching sessions anytime?

With your Living NLP Coach you are eligible for 1 coaching session per month. If you don’t use the session, it cannot be rolled over to another month. 

If you add 4 or 8 sessions with Dr. Heidi, these sessions can be used at anytime during the Living NLP program from February to November 2024. 

If you desire additional coaching sessions with your coach or with Dr. Heidi, you can arrange this directly with your coach at their own coaching rate. 


What to Expect



Step 1 is simple – register for the program. You can choose to add coaching with Dr. Heidi and choose to pay-in-full upon registration or start a payment plan. 



Get Ready

Once you register you’ll be sent a template of the Well-Formed Outcome to start thinking about your goals for 2024. In early 2024 you will receive your Living NLP Workbook (hardcopy or electronically) and invite to the private Facebook Group.


We will kick-start the program with a 2-hour Group Coaching Call where we will get clearer about your intentions and goals, and meet the other participants on the program. 

Register Now

2024 Living NLP Program

The Base Program includes: Living NLP Workbook, Coaching Circles, 10 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions with a Living NLP Coach, Closed Facebook Group, Monthly Group Coaching, and NLP educationals. Plus the option for additional coaching with Dr. Heidi.


Choose a pay-in-full, a 10 month payment plan option, or pay a $500 deposit with the balance due 1 February