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Since 2015 Dr. Heidi has written a blog about various aspects of NLP. In more recent times, starting in 2018, she has moved over to her YouTube Channel. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please check there. 

Chasing Happiness

How often are you truly happy? How often do you think you 'should' be happy? Two interseting questions as I sit here and write... two questions that really open up the possibility for more questions - what is happiness? happy compared to what? Truly happy? Just to...

I Don’t Know…

Do you know the feeling that you get when you come across something that you know nothing about? For some people this is a frustrating type of feeling (we'll call you the controlling people) and for others its a freeing feeling. For me, its the latter. When I don't...

Choice and Change

There are two constants in life. OK, there are more than two... but I'm narrowing it down today. These two constants face us every minute of every day. Choice and Change. With the ticking of the clock we have both of them throughout the day; and then we have other...

Choice is better than no choice

Have you ever felt stuck because you felt you didn’t have a choice about something? Or perhaps stuck because the choice you have are both unsatisfactory? Every day we are faced with choices. So many choices in fact that it would be virtually impossible to list them...

What’s Your Story?

We’ve obscured our truths by something that isn’t true. One of the many things that sets us humans apart from other animals is our ability to create, innovate and invent. Yet, this upside can sometimes have a downside.  Within our own innovativeness we’ve all...

Putting Yourself First

Do you have a bucket list? Many people do. A list of the things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. How about a general to-do list? Those things that you need to get done? Well, how about a To-Me list? This would be a list of things to do for ME. Unfortunately,...

The Time is Now

It’s the beginning of the year – time for something new, time to revamp something old, time to start something and time to finish something. So – with all of this ‘time’ for stuff… when does now become the right time to start? The real answer to that...

It’s New Again

Happy New Year! One thing that I personally love about the new year is that I get some time off of work to just focus on me. Of course, work is a part of me, so I am definitely thinking about it, but it is within a bigger picture. This is one time of year that I...

NLP Prime Concerns

In our NLP Master Practitioner Certification course we look at Prime Concerns. This consists of two questions that can help you to know a lot more about a person, their motivation and their life. Here are the questions: 1. What are you best at - starting, changing or...

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