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Since 2015 Dr. Heidi has written a blog about various aspects of NLP. In more recent times, starting in 2018, she has moved over to her YouTube Channel. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please check there. 

The Second of A’s to Self-Coaching

In my last post I looked at The First of A's to Self-Coaching - Awareness. Once you are aware of what you are doing, the emotions you have and the impact of all of that in your world you have the ability to see new choices. But, we don’t just want to make a new...

The First of 3 A’s to Self-Coaching

Our life is controlled by our unconscious programming – and sometimes we only do the best we can based on the worst of our programming. When you notice yourself stuck in a loop, at effect of something in life, playing the blame game or just not heading in the...

Just Breathe

I do yoga quite often, and the instructors are continually reminding us to breathe. Especially when we move into a challenging posture – just breathe. This is the same in life – sometimes when we move into something challenging we need to remember to breathe. And...

Do you have advice for me?

Not long ago I was out with a few friends and one of the group was starting to get a cold or flu. It was quite fun to watch what happened. She was inundated by unsolicited advice: take garlic, eat lemons, cut out dairy, up the vitamins, drink tea, dance naked, use...

NLP Doesn’t Work

Wait? What? Did you read that right!!!? How can someone who has been involved in NLP for so long even start an article with this title? NLP doesn’t work? Of course it does! Or does it? In my private practice, in the training room and in my real life I meet people...

Do Willpower and Determination Actually Help?

I've read it, I know you have too. You need willpower, determination, self-control and a whole lot more to get to where you want. And that's right... right? Well, yes. And, no. For short term goals and things out of our comfort zone or things we don't really want...

Creating Rapport with Yourself

Have you ever had a moment where you seem to be out of whack with your self or elements of life? For example, does it ever seem like you don't have enough time, energy, money, motivation? Have you ever lost your oomph or mojo? What if... these things were really...

What does your Timeline Mean?

What does your Timeline Mean?

Do you know that you store time in a certain way? And that way is how your mind codes the past, present and future. Just like history has a timeline, you have a timeline too. This timeline is like your metaphor and is made up of a variety of submodalities of location,...

Should I Jump?

Ready, set..... Stopping, starting, changing, going, not going, staying, not staying.... choices, choice, choices. Nearly daily we have a choice to make - should I stay or should I go? This might be about the gym, a relationship, a job, a bar, your house, your clothes...

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