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Sometimes life is absolutely fantastic – flying on cloud nine, everything going exactly how it is in your mind… and then at other times, its like you woke up on planet Zazar (nope, I don’t know where that is either…) On those days, how do you get back on track? How do you reclaim the magic of life? 

It can be easier than thought.

Let’s look at a few simple steps to reclaim the magic:

1. Open your perceptions

When life takes that turn (and it does for everyone, we’re only human after all!) Acknowledge that the magic has faded and then open your perceptions. What could this faded moment mean? What is going on in life that could use your attention? Instead of just thinking “oh, here I am… no magic” – really take a look at where the magic has faded. Is it that you’re spending too much time alone and away from people? Could it be that you don’t have enough “me” time? Perhaps you’re working too much? Or not looking after yourself? Open your mind to think of different possibilities.

2. Peripheral Vision

Moving your vision into a soft-eyed mode- peripheral vision will allow you to open your awareness to many more options. If you’re not looking out for yourself for example, in peripheral vision you can find more opportunities and suggestions for yourself that can help you to find alternatives. Interestingly, when we are using our fovial vision (focused), we are only aware of approximately 45% of what we see/hear/feel – by moving into peripheral vision, we have the opportunity to tap into 65% more!

3. Be open to possibilities

We humans are quite funny – for some reason we tend to try to do the same thing expecting different results. Perhaps to reclaim the magic something new is in order! While its fine to do just steps one and two, but without being open to possibilities – its very likely that the magic won’t be as bright without a change… When you are open to possibilities – great things can happen. You can take action on new dreams, act on intuition, and live the life you desire. 

If you don’t take charge of the magic in your life who will? And, it is magic! You can be healthier, happier, more whole, more free and be who you most want to be and live the life you most want to live.