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NLP Training

No matter who you are, where you are, what you do, or why you do it – you should learn NLP. Sometime in the next 2 years – dedicate a week to your own personal growth and development. Sure, the courses are not cheap (average tuition around the world for a level 1 NLP training is around $4000 USD), BUT – its even more expensive to keep doing the same things you are doing for your whole live. NLP teaches you not only how to model excellence (ie. do things better and quicker sometimes), but how to communicate more effectively, how to motivate, manage and lead yourself and others, how to be more present, authentic and purposeful. The cost of time and money you will be investing in yourself will come back to you in many, many ways!

Parents, teachers, leaders, mentors, managers, entrepreneurs, friends, learners, policy makers, general everyday-normal folks, learn NLP. Make it a must!

There are three official levels of NLP training:

Heidi is a trainer with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP – we teach in a very generative learning style in a short-course manner. Our Level 1 course spans over 8 days and Level 2 over 9. I hope to meet you somewhere in the world very soon. To view more about training, including our schedule and tuition options, please visit www.nlpworldwide.com