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Welcome to the third article of this four part series of Is there an app for that? We are discussing the components to an application for change. The second component necessary for change is commitment.

Be the change you want to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

If we want change, if we are ready to step up and step into a change which will set our life on a new or better course, if we are ready to take hold of that which is rightfully ours, then commitment is necessary. Unless there is commitment we only have hopes, dreams and ideas. No plans, no certainty no goals.

In life, the only real constant is change. So, as humans we have already embraced this concept. However, for conscious change – change from your present state to desired state, change that helps you to be more and better, that helps you to step up, take charge, make a difference – commitment is required.

Have you ever been committed to something? Really committed? When you commit to something, a steadfast commitment, then anything is possible. Wavering commitment provides wavering change – change which is not built upon a strong foundation; and this wavering change often leads to sameness. That is, the same as how you are now. No change. No growth. Often this leads to a feeling of failure or frustration. However, the missing ingredient is commitment.

Doing the same thing most often gets us the same results. Following the same path will most likely get you to the same place every time. It is through commitment that we are able to forge new pathways and create new behaviors, attitudes and emotions. Change takes commitment.

Recent and historical figures like Florence Nightingale, Ernest Hemmingway, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Viktor Frankl all shared a similar strategy to their success. Commitment.   

How do you create commitment? Some tips from NLP – model it. Think of the last time (or a recent time) that you were committed, really committed to something. Step into you at the time of making and having that commitment. Notice what you see, hear and feel. Remember this and memorize this – and let this be your template for commitment.

What are you committed to? Are you willing to follow the gift that you were given at birth to move into the change you want to be in the world?