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Time. It’s on a continuum right? It’s sequential and moves from past to now to future. Well, that is at least what ‘they’ say. And, if calendars are anything to go by, ‘they’ are right. I know that in the reality of my world, I wake up Monday and the next day is Tuesday. I know that the month after April is May – and I know that 5 years from now will be 2017. In the reality of my world.

But is it really a continuum? I can access, with my mind, any-time.

Lets talk about change for a moment. It has recently crossed my mind why change is easier for some people than others. Sometimes it depends on the change, but it seems that there are a few factors that help a person accept or fight a change. And, I think one of those factors is time. Well, two actually.

As it has been said before “time heals all wounds”. This is the continuum type of time I think.

And then there is another type of time – lets call it omnipresent time, or even just omnitime.

To me, omnitime is all encompassing, flexible, moveable, changeable. It contains within it all of the past, present and future. It all exists at the same time. For example, if I lost my job – I have the ability to live in and dwell upon the past. I can live wondering why this happened to me, what I could have done differently, reliving the glory days, hoping and praying that I’ll get that job back. When people do this, they live so much in the past that the whole “time heals all wounds” never gets to take place.

How about the future? I could dwell there too. Lets use an example of a relationship ending. I could focus on what I’m missing out on for the future – all of the plans and dreams we created and how sad it is to miss out on what could have been. Again, if spend too much time in the future, the continuum doesn’t get to heal my wounds.

Also – if I get stuck in just the now (is that possible!?), I might not be able to move forward. I like the now, the present, don’t get me wrong. But if I only live there, I’m not dreaming of new possibilities, new potentials. I get ‘stuck’ with what I have, making change harder to accept. And again, the healing of wounds… not so much.

So, is there a solution here? Well, I don’t know – but I know that we can use time to our advantage and manage time; or at least manage where we are in time.

I think it is very important in any change situation to learn from the past and assess the future – to travel along in omnitime style. It helps us to rearrange our maps and models of the world. And, I think it is important to be in the now; accepting what is in the present. What is real in this moment.

Lets go a little further. Omni is the latin prefix for all or everywhere. So, with omnitime I can be in many places/times at once. Ultimately, I can travel throughout time. I can be thinking about many past situations and events, I can be aware of my now and I can also be accessing the future – both what was going to be, and probably the more positive – what is possible now. All of this can happen simultaneously in my mind. And, if my unconscious mind isn’t aware of man made time, reality or what really is happening, I can use omnitime to my advantage. And, when I’ve accessed enough satisfactory resources from my time travel, I can come back to Now and live from there for a while.

I’ve set up an anchor for myself that helps to bring me back to the present. When I notice that I am dwelling or living too much in the past of what was or the future of what could have been, I just tap my watch (I don’t actually wear a watch normally, so its my metaphorical watch) and that is my anchor to come back to now.

I actually appreciate that time isn’t necessarily a continuum. I like that I can experience omnitime. It means that I can truly live a full life, rich in detail of every emotion, event, experience that I have had, am having and might have. It all has healing properties – as long as you don’t get stuck in just one – when you can develop that skill, to know when you’re dwelling or living somewhere other than now, you’ve hit the omnitime jackpot!