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How often are you truly happy? How often do you think you ‘should’ be happy?

Two interseting questions as I sit here and write… two questions that really open up the possibility for more questions – what is happiness? happy compared to what? Truly happy? Just to name a few of the questions that spring to my mind. 

You may have heard about this client before – she came to see me many years ago. At that time she was in her mid 70’s and when I asked her what I can help her with she told me I want to be unreasonably happy. Intreagued, I asked her what that meant to her – her answer was simple: to be happy for no reason.  I liked that.

Since then, my aim is to be happy. Truly happy.

I have the fake-it-till-I-make-it happy, which after a while turns into happiness. I’ve got my down-in-the-dumps-ain’t-no-happiness-here days. I’ve got my moments of happiness. Some have reasons – many do not. But over all, I’d say that I could check-in a few times a day at least to report back that I’m happy. Often for no reason. Sometimes for definate reasons. 

I get asked a lotwhat is the purpose- and this is a big ‘life’ kinda question. What if the purpose was to be happy? What would you do differently? What would you do the same? Hopefully you’d do a lot the same! For me – when I made the choice to become more aware of my states and more aware of happiness, that is all it took. I made better choices about what would make me happy. Sure, I still did things I didn’t want to do and things that didn’t make me happy (taking out the rubbish sure doesn’t make me happy, but someone has to do it!) But over all, the choices I make lead me to a general sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Too many people wait for others to either make them happy or to get out of the way of their happiness. Neither of these work very well for continued happiness.

Now, other people think that happiness needs to be a 24/7 kinda thing. Have you ever seen a person happy every moment of the day? Probably not. If you have, then that person just may end up popping one day and showing all the badstuff they’ve been holding on the inside (and that isn’t pretty!) Emotions, all of them, are useful! Anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, joy, love, anxiety – happiness. All of them.

Now – over to you…. when is now a good time to be unreasonably happy?