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Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking Tips

According to various reports, most people’s number 1 fear is public speaking. There are so many variables in public speaking – what to say, how to say it, where to stand, how to stand, what to do with your hands! 

Today, Dr. Heidi will provide 6 tips to help you know more about what to do, when to do it and why you are doing it. 

Tip 1: Managing Your State

Tip 2: Non-Verbal Presenting Skills

Tip 3: Using Your Voice

Tip 4: Using Your Space Purposefully

Tip 5: Know Your Audiance

Tip 6: Creating Content 

Is there an App for That? Part III: Commitment

Welcome to the third article of this four part series of Is there an app for that? We are discussing the components to an application for change. The second component necessary for change is commitment.

Be the change you want to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

If we want change, if we are ready to step up and step into a change which will set our life on a new or better course, if we are ready to take hold of that which is rightfully ours, then commitment is necessary. Unless there is commitment we only have hopes, dreams and ideas. No plans, no certainty no goals. (more…)

Reclaim the Magic

Sometimes life is absolutely fantastic – flying on cloud nine, everything going exactly how it is in your mind… and then at other times, its like you woke up on planet Zazar (nope, I don’t know where that is either…) On those days, how do you get back on track? How do you reclaim the magic of life? 

It can be easier than thought.

Let’s look at a few simple steps to reclaim the magic: (more…)