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Some Things Are Best Unknown

Have you ever experienced happiness? True happiness? Bliss? Joy? Freedom? I’m sure you have! Hopefully quite a bit in your life, but even if its just small touches of these things, that is great.

I work with a lot of people in my coaching practice who are trying to get these things (and more) by doing something. For example “I’ll be happy when I get a new house” or “I’ll be free when I work for myself”… Interestingly, when we put conditions on anything our unconscious mind creates a new set of rules that we then live by. Really, if a person says that they’ll be happy when they get a new house – do they really mean that they won’t be happy until then? No, probably not. But, the unconscious mind is extremely intelligent and takes everything literally.

Would you like to know the true key to ultimate happiness and understanding? (more…)