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Since 2015 Dr. Heidi has written a blog about various aspects of NLP. In more recent times, starting in 2018, she has moved over to her YouTube Channel. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, please check there. 

Join Me On YouTube

Among writing, coaching, training, developing, leading and so much more in the world of NLP I have started a YouTube Channel. Please join me there to learn even more about NLP. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzIlrc0lFrUvIrHehy25yOw 

Why Do We Close Our Eyes in NLP?

It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to our soul – which I believe has a lot of merit to it… the eyes are so much more useful however than just producing sight. In NLP, the majority of the change or enhancement processes...

What does it take to be a coach?

As a trainer of NLP I meet a lot of people who want to be Coaches or Therapists - and the tools of NLP are phenominal for helping a person to navigate their unconscious mind and make choices, changes and enhancements along the way. I get asked a lot of questions about...

Thank You for Your Integrity

If you have met me in any way, you'll know that integrity is important to me - it is high on my list of Heidi-Values. You may also know that I have an online NLP training program at AnywhereNLP.com. For some people, this is a bit controversial - if they don't look...

The Downs and Ups of your Day

Over the past few months I have been modelling something that I would like to share with you - rituals of going to bed and waking up. I have been scouring books, blog posts, interviews, articles, podcasts and more to see if there is a common theme or strategy that...

I Don’t Wanna!

Oh to be a kid again! Clean your room – I don’t wanna. Eat your veggies – I don’t wanna. Do your homework – I don’t wanna! The list goes on. But we can’t get away with that as adults. Well. I know plenty of adults who try! Quite a few of my clients in fact still have...

3 Tips for Making Decisions Easily

One thing in life that seems to be constant is change. And with change comes choices. And choices lead to decisions. How do you make decisions? Would you say you are a good decision maker? That it depends on the situation? Or do you suck at making decisions?...

The third of A’s to Self-Coaching

In my last post I looked at The Second of A's to Self-Coaching - Acceptance. Once you have become aware of what is happening in your world of emotions, behaviours and thoughts and you have accepted what is happening; from this place, you can then notice alternatives...

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