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Many years ago, a young woman took a journey by sea from the UK to the USA. For months and months she saved money for her fare, and once she had that she bought her ticket. Once she had her ticket, she started to save again to purchase food to bring along with her. She bought bread, fruit and dried meats and brought enoughwater for her two week journey.

When she arrived on the ship she entered her tiny cabin and sorted through her food and water to divide up her bounty for the journey. She decided to not leave her little cabin for the two weeks because she needed to protect what she had.  Two days before the ship docked in the US she ran out of food. But, so close to the end of her journey she made up her mind to perservere – she was almost there.

When they reached the shores of New York and she finally got off the ship, this woman sank to her knees – thankful for having made the voyage and weakened due to a lack of food. The officials rushed up to her and she explained that she was simply weak because she had run out of food two days ago. “Why madam”, one of them explained “your fare included access to all meals onboard.”

What beliefs, notions or ideas do you have that might keep you locked inside of your cabin, missing out on your voyage?