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Who is Heidi?

Let’s do the short and quick of it first.  I am Australian-American, living in Sydney Australia. For the past 13 years I have been working in the personal development field as an NLP Trainer and Coach. I have the honour of training NLP globally, I am a leader, business owner, helper, trainer, developer, and learner. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, doing yoga and keeping my mind sharp. I have a passion for living authentically and walking my talk, as much as I can. I am only human, right?

download (39)Ready for a little more in depth? I am currently enrolled as a Student of Life – taking in learnings from all around me. I am a small town girl at heart, with a big city mentality. At the age of 13, I was transplanted from Franktown Colorado (not even sure if its on a map), to Sydney Australia. After highschool I went back to the US and completed my degree in Communication and Psychology. I worked in Human Resources for a few years in Denver before returning to Sydney in 1997.

Shortly thereafter,  I picked up a book about NLP. This book rocked my world!It was telling me that we can change what is in our mind, our thoughts, our behaviours. It was telling me that we are not our past and we can direct our future. I wanted more of this! So I got more… I attended a workshop taught by Robert McDonald and Robert Dilts. And I caught the bug. The NLP bug.

This NLP bug is the best thing that I’ve ever caught, and 13 years later, I’m yet to give it up. I completed my NLP training – Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainers Training. In 2000 I jumped the ‘corporate’ ship and started my own coaching practice, People Point and also joined Laureli Blyth as a trainer at the Worldwide Institutes of NLP. Laureli is not only my colleague, teacher, mentor and friend – she is also my mother. We have great times and challenging times – luckily we have this NLP ‘stuff’ to help us when we need it!

Since 2000 I have done a lot with NLP – in 2002 we started training internationally. I train in Sydney, Denver, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, London, Edinburgh and China. I’ve been a speaker and Keynote speaker at many conferences and meetings throughout the world – and find it a humbling pleasure to share my knowledge with so many people.

Since reading a lot of NLP books my colleague and co-trainer and I wrote one – 30 Days to NLP, an introduction to NLP. And I’m in the process of completing my first solo book, which should be completed in 2015. In late 2017 we published our second book together, You Must Learn NLP.

I have also amped it up on the formal education. in 2005 I completed my Masters in Adult Education. I took a year off of formal study and in 2006 embarked upon the journey of completing my Doctorate. I’m proud to report that in January 2010, I officially completed my Doctorate in Clincal Psychology, and I can now be known as Dr. Heidi Heron, yet, Heidi will do. Thanks to Dr. Phil I often get called Dr. Heidi – that’s so much better than the formal option!

I spend my time at work between running a business, coaching and training. The training part of my job is by far the most fun and most enjoyable, yet it may not be as rewarding without the business and coaching aspects. Since 2014 I have been listed on the Global Guru’s Top 30 NLP Professionals, in 2018 I am ranked #3 in the world, something I am very proud of! Over all, I love everything I do – even paying bills!

In my spare time (and I make some, believe me)…. I love to travel, I enjoy yoga, journalling, writing, training, time with friends, learning, chilling with my two kitties and even watching TV to relax my mind.  I am on the NLP Leadership Summit and have taken on a few leadership responsibilities with that group,  I held the role as Chairperson for the Australian Board of NLP for 9 years and transitioned to Vice Chairperson in 2018 and I’m constantly re-assessing our NLP courses and offerings to make sure we are above and beyond the expectations of our students.

My Signature Strengths…

Positive Psychology is a branch of psychology that I absolutely love. An aspect of positive psychology is signature strengths. According to founder Martin Seligmen, if we are using our key signature strengths, then we will be more likely to be fulfilled and happy. If we are not using them, or can’t use them, then something is amiss. As an introduction to me, I’d like to share with you my top 5 signature strengths:

Perspective – Hope – Humor – Forgiveness – Curiosity

You can find your signature strengths at: www.viasurvey.org