If you have met me in any way, you’ll know that integrity is important to me – it is high on my list of Heidi-Values. You may also know that I have an online NLP training program at AnywhereNLP.com. For some people, this is a bit controversial – if they don’t look into it.

While NLP is highly unregulated, there is one common understanding, NLP Certification cannot be offered online as it requires hands on practice, feedback, group interaction and live facilitation. My program with Anywhere NLP is not a Practitioner Certification course – I put the program together a few years ago as one of my intentions is to share NLP with as many people around the globe as possible.

Yesterday I received a fairly scathing email about the program and I would like to share this email with you and my response. I am sharing this because it did three things for me


Over the past few months I have been modelling something that I would like to share with you – rituals of going to bed and waking up.

I have been scouring books, blog posts, interviews, articles, podcasts and more to see if there is a common theme or strategy that ‘successful’ people use for their ending and beginning rituals.

And I purposefully put it that way around. At first, when I started my research I figured how a person started their day is what set them up for success. But no! It’s actually how they end their previous day! So lets start there!

I have actually been using some of these strategies for the past 3 weeks and I am going to share some of my findings with you. I’m not doing them all – just what fits for me. But, for you – I have distilled my findings down for you to 5 evening and morning rituals that will set you up for success all day long.