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What’s Your Story?

We’ve obscured our truths by something that isn’t true.

One of the many things that sets us humans apart from other animals is our ability to create, innovate and invent. Yet, this upside can sometimes have a downside.  Within our own innovativeness we’ve all created inventions about ourselves and we wear these inventions. The most powerful of them is the invented separate self.

We separate from our real truth, our authentic self and our congruency. When this happens the ego becomes a fearful, separated entity constantly defending itself, trying to validate and justify itself, to pacify its unworthiness. But we have invented this unworthiness and this separation and we get caught up in it and we begin to create life sabotaging patterns that move out into every area of our lives. I think the most life limiting and life sabotaging patterns are our stories – many of them are not serving you.

What are the stories that work within your life? (more…)

Putting Yourself First

Do you have a bucket list? Many people do. A list of the things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. How about a general to-do list? Those things that you need to get done? Well, how about a To-Me list? This would be a list of things to do for ME.

Unfortunately, for most people their Bucket List is a dream list; and maybe they’ll get a few of the items on their ticked off. Maybe. People are more likely to do things on their To-Do list… I mean, that’s what it’s there for, right? But do you put stuff like “get a massage”, “go to the gym”, “make a healthy meal”, “meditate”. Some people do, most don’t. (more…)