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Stress Coping – Part 3, Agressive

A few weeks ago we met Emma. Her boss is Eric and he is sometimes challenging to work for. When he has life under control, he is actually a reasonable boss and friendly guy. For the past couple of months Eric’s boss has been on family leave and is expected back in about six weeks. Having to do his own job plus his bosses has proven to be difficult and challenging to Eric.

A few weeks into his bosses absence, he found himself getting short tempered, angry and abrupt. He often raises his voice to his employees at work and he knows that his wife and two children are getting the worst of him. When he gets home his temper flairs even more. To his way of thinking, he has been working hard all day, when he gets home he shouldn’t have to continue working. While he hasn’t been physically abusive toward his family, his words, attitude and overall demeanor toward them are damaging. (more…)

Stress Coping – Part 2, Passive

Many things in life were putting pressure on Emma. Her husband just changed jobs and was spending less and less time with her, but is excelling in his new role. Their 9 year old son was getting in trouble at school, her bosses boss was away and this lead to more pressure on her immediate boss and subsequently Emma. Her boss often raised his voice and was very stern with her and he constantly was adding to her workload to offset his own. This added work saw Emma making simple mistakes, and  she thought other people in the company were also putting pressure on her to hold her weight in the team.

While she knew she had the capacity and capability, the stress was starting to take its toll. Emma was getting headaches and feeling very overwhelmed – so she did what Emma does with stress… she put her head down and waited it out. (more…)