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Stress Coping

How do you handle stressful conditions? What happens when you are in an argument? How about when things are not going your way? Does you communication style change?

For a lot of people, when they are feeling under pressure their style of communication changes to reflect various patterns in life. For some, this can be useful and for others this can be very damaging. Over the next few weeks I am going to be investigating these different communication styles, strategies for improvement and simply ways to detect your own stress coping style. (more…)

One of my Favourite Things…

Oh, I have so many favourite things! Especially when I’m talking about NLP. There are very few parts of NLP that I don’t love… well, the politics in the field I could do without, but the actual aspects of NLP… Love it!

However, if I have to chunk down to a few things – I’d have to say one of my favourite things is the Meta Model and Meta Questions. (more…)