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Good Cop Bad Cop

In NLP we often talk about the 3 minds – the conscious, unconscious and higher conscious mind. Ultimately, it is the unconscious part of our mind that runs us, maintains us and gets us either moving, or not. Our conscious mind is the analytical, thinking mind, but it isn’t actually responsible for much at all.

Think about it – can you consciously sneeze? Get goosebumps? Feel happy? Motivate yourself? (more…)

Embrace It

Have you ever experienced an emotion that you have tried to push away, only for it to get stronger? How about a behaviour that you promised yourself you wouldn’t have, only to break that promise?

As humans, we have a very tricky situation on our hands. On one hand, we have expectations of ourselves and others to do the absolute best we can; and on the other, well, we are human. (more…)