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Trick or Treat

With Halloween coming up this week, I thought I’d bring to light the tick-or-treat aspect of life. Every single day we have the ability to lean toward a trick or a treat. Not just on October 31st.

Fear, jealousy, anger, guilt, angst, boredom, frustration and many other seeming negative emotions often get the better of many of us. Sometimes they are a trick – tricking us to run away. Sometimes they are a treat –  alerting us to something to be aware of.


How time Flies

Time. It’s on a continuum right? It’s sequential and moves from past to now to future. Well, that is at least what ‘they’ say. And, if calendars are anything to go by, ‘they’ are right. I know that in the reality of my world, I wake up Monday and the next day is Tuesday. I know that the month after April is May – and I know that 5 years from now will be 2017. In the reality of my world.

But is it really a continuum? I can access, with my mind, any-time. (more…)