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The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

Do you remember when you first learned about Eye Accessing Cues? I do. I thought it was one of the strangest things I had heard of. I was like “Really? So, you’re telling me that I can find out how someone is thinking by where their eyes go? Yeah right.” I had to see it to believe it. And, as we progressed with Eye Accessing Exercises in my Prac, I became a believer. Really. I found out that there was purpose behind our eye movements.

But, as I progressed into life… I found out that it was hard to learn and had little real life applicability.

Or so I thought.


Pac-man & The Battle of the Bulge

I have recently returned from a 6 week trip overseas. On this trip, like most of them that I take to the US, I ate a lot. I didn’t binge per say, I didn’t eat terribly bad, I just ate a lot. After all, there is a lot of food to eat in the US, and a lot of yummy food.

The other day, as I was thinking about some additional tools to use to help my trousers fit me better… the thought of Pac-man came into my mind and I’ve been using Pac-man for about a week now and thought I’d share. (more…)

Options Galore!

How many sides are there to a coin? Two? Three? I suppose it depends on how you look at it and if you count the side or not. It’s interesting, the saying “there are two sides to every coin” is often used to help reframe options – to demonstrate that there is often more than one way to do thing. Another great saying “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. Now why would you go and do that?  🙂

A few months ago while working with a client who was ‘tired’ of his job in sales I helped him to see that there were indeed more than one way… In his mind he had to quit his job and find a new profession. This one specifically he had been doing for about 5 years, and previous to that he worked in a different industry doing something different. And now, he was looking to do something again, different. Do you see a pattern? (more…)