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Is There an App for That?

Is There an App for That?

If you haven’t heard or said these words – Is there an app for that? You soon will. It wasn’t so many years ago that mobile phones were something that was coming in the future, and when they did come out they were so big and bulky they needed their own carry case! It wasn’t until August 1991 that in the Interweb came to our home computers – only twenty years ago. Now our mobile phones have more grunt, memory and power than our home PC’s did! (more…)

Experiences vs. Identity

I have been to Disneyland, I have been to Brazil, I have been in a blizzard, I have seen a tornado. I have been underwater and I have flown in the sky. I have been a paid actor, I have swung on a trapeze, I have been in love, I have suffered from a broken heart, I have lived with many others, I have lived on my own. Of all of these things that I have done, have seen or have lived through, none of these things defines, explains or even scratches the surface of who I am. 

There is a difference between who you are and the experiences you have.   (more…)