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Who Gave You Permission?

Each one of us is an individual. Or at least that’s what we think. Have you ever done something because that is what everyone else was doing? Have you ever persuaded someone else to do the same as you, just because? Have you ever not done something that you wanted to do because it wasn’t ‘cool’ or the done thing? Have you ever done something just because you wanted to even though others didn’t want you to or agree?

Most likely the answer to each of the above questions was Yes. We’re only human. And in each of those moments, and any other moments you have – who gave you permission to do something? (more…)

The Law of Attraction – NLP101

OK folks, its time to get back to the basics of how the language of your mind creates the patterns we run in life. The words we use internally and externally have direct impact on what happens. 

This topic comes up based on a recent email I received from a past student asking me why they weren’t getting what they wanted. My response was simple – what are you focusing on? (more…)