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It’s Not Going My Way!!!

Have you ever had one of those days? Hey, maybe its more like one of those weeks or months? You know, where you do the right thing, but it doesn’t turn out? Yeah, I think we all have. They pop up from time to time in our lives.

There is one thing that I know about these moments – they are just moments. And, sometimes the ‘universe’ has bigger plans for us. Although we’d like to know what is always around the next corner, that’s just not always possible. Actually, its never possible.  

One of my favourite NLP Presuppositions (an assumption) is one that comes from Cybernetics called the Law of Requisite Variety. This assumption within NLP says that the person with the most flexibility in behaviour controls the situation. Now, this doesn’t mean control in a negative sense, rather – if you know what you want and you can be flexible in your approach you are more likely to get what you want. (more…)

Managing Stress Like a Computating Yogi

Today more then ever before we have so much going on. We have technology which makes much of life easier – email, the internet and mobile phones are some examples.  Also on the rise is high blood pressure, obesity, stress and anxiety.

Thirty years ago when we wanted to contact a friend with a method other than the telephone a letter was written and posted. Then, the friend would reply and send a letter back to us. This correspondence may have taken a few weeks to get a reply. Now, we send an email and get anxious if our friend hasn’t replied in five minutes!  

While we use technology to make things easier, there can be the opposite effect some days. Humans now-days tend to do more in less time, and in a normal 40 hour working week – that actually means doing a lot more. If technology somehow lets us down, what do we do then? If our schedule of priorities is different to someone elses and it is impending our progress, what happens?  (more…)