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Building a Bridge

Building a Bridge

There is something quite extraordinary about knowing what you want! And, when I’m working with my clients, it is imperative that I know that they know what they want. After all, I’m helping them to get there.

It’s interesting to me that when I help my supervisees or students with some of their client work how sketchy they can be on what their client wants. I was assisting someone the other day; she was asking me the standard “what NLP processes should I use with this person” question. Her client was very depressed, withdrawn from life and stuck. My first question to her was: “What is her desired state?”. In my opinion, there is no use doing anything with anyone unless I know where they are going. Her answer “she wants to be a professional dancer”. OK – I don’t know about you, but if my client is depressed their desired state is not to be a dancer. That might be the long-term goal, but not the desired state for right here and right now. (more…)

The Joy of Fun

When was the last time that you truly had a great laugh? One that shook your body, came from your belly and brought tears to your eyes? They say laughter is the best medicine – and I think whoever “they” are, are right.

Off and on for the past couple of weeks I’ve been spending time with my 16 year old cousin Megan. What a bright shining light she is. And we have fun! Sure, it’s the same kind of fun as I normally have – yet its different. We laugh. And, we laugh without filters – at just about everything. Singing songs wrong, slurping spaghetti, other people, learning to drive a manual car, tripping over things, getting tongue tied. It’s great. (more…)