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Reclaim the Magic

Sometimes life is absolutely fantastic – flying on cloud nine, everything going exactly how it is in your mind… and then at other times, its like you woke up on planet Zazar (nope, I don’t know where that is either…) On those days, how do you get back on track? How do you reclaim the magic of life? 

It can be easier than thought.

Let’s look at a few simple steps to reclaim the magic: (more…)

Imagineering Your Dreams Come True

How good is your imagination? Can you visualise easily? Can you feel a feeling without something external happening in your world? Can you smell a smell without an actual odour present?  

I believe our imagination is one of the best tools that we have as people. I’m not sure animals have an imagination – I’d like to think that my kitten imagines playing with a ball of yarn, yet I don’t think it does. However, we imagine all the time. In fact, your imagination is the best way to tap into your unconscious mind!